Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Up Close and Personal

In this project our theme was up close and personal. We had the choose of using oil pastel, color pencil and chalk pastel. I decided to use chalk pastel pencils because it is easy to control and easy to blend. When I first started this project I wanted to do flowers but the more than I thought about it the idea of stairs came to mind and I really liked it. I first had the idea to have draw spiral stairs but the more I thought about it I didn't like the idea of spirals so I thought what if I just drew regular stairs but make it close and do something to make the stairs stand out. So I colored the stairs blue so when someone looks at the drawing the stairs would be the first thing that they would look at. (Artists Develop Art Making Skills) While working on this project I learned new techniques with chalk pastel. I learned about shading and how to make textures. Also how not blend too much because that can take away from the art work a bit and not look at realist.(Artist  Solve Problem) While doing my project I came across some problems with shading and how much color to put to make the work stand out and places on the art work to make brighter but I figured out ways to apply the white to brighten or to show where the light was hitting. My art work turned out the way I wanted it to turn out.(Artist Collaborate) Sydney and I gave each feed back during the whole project. she suggested that I should have different shades of colors on the wall, and not only brown or red.

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