Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sticky situation

For this project our theme was sticky situation. We also have to show repetition. When I first thought about what I wanted to do I originally thought of marshmallows burning over camp fire but I didn't think that would be too creative so I thought about getting lost in a forest and how the situation would a sticky one and so I went from there. (Artists Create Original Art) how I used my own ideas is the colors of the leaves I didn't mark it the original green color I put bright colors such as red, purple, pink. I used a picture of a forest and I wanted it to look a little gloomy and bright at the same time.  (Artists Communicate Through Their Work) the art work it suppose to give off a scary vibe in which the person in the situation is suppose to be scared. I had some trouble getting the different brush strokes in the trees and the ground. This artwork shows who I am because I really like painting landscapes I think it's really pretty and fun. (Artist Collaborate) I was always asking for feed back from my peers and they would give  me feed backs to think about. All in all I had fun painting this artwork.