Tuesday, June 3, 2014


In this project we had to do a art journal type work.  We had to have multiple layers and also had to use at least 3 mediums.  So I choose fantasy as my topics. One of my favorite disney characters were Pocahontas. So I decided to do a scene from that movie. I was originally going to melt crayons but I wasn't able to so I tried using other methods to add the texture I wanted. (Artists Collaborate) I had many fed back on my art work from my peers. At the beginning I was going to put a cannon but as i was doing my project I wasn't feeling it anymore so I didn't but other students at my table suggested that without anything in the water it looked very plain.n (Artists Take Risks) I really wanted to put crayon and melt it to give texture  of the water falling like a waterfall. But since I couldn't do that I tried other techniques to give the same feel.  (Artists Create Original Art) for the waterfall I used tissues paper and paint to give it feeling of flowing water. My inspiration was the scene form the Pocahontas movie.

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